As charter Professionals, we tend to receive the same questions over and over. We're here to help you!

Here are some of the most common questions: 

Q: Can I make changes to the charter after a fully executed contract?

A: Yes. An addendum may be drafted by your broker and when agreed by all parties involved, fully executed. Most common changes are Dates, Times of embarkation/disembarkation, and ports. 


Q: What happens if I have to cancel?

A: We would recommend looking into Charter Cancellation Insurance Prior to booking. We are happy to recommend our professional partners. Without insurance, you may be liable to pay all or a portion of the charter fee depending how far in advance you cancel. 



Q: Can I wear shoes on the yacht?

A: Simple answer...NO. Shoes can damage the teak and stain the interior. Unless you have specific boat shoes that are brand new, scuff free, and never worn on land, the Captain may allow it. Who wants to wear shoes in paradise anyway?! 


Q: How do I tip the crew?

A: Many clients prefer to not bring large sums of cash for obvious reasons. We advise a bank wire transfer to the retail brokers escrow account is safest and most efficient. 


Q: Can we dive from the yacht?

A: Depends on the yacht but for most programs, involving a third party dive company is involved, recognized in yachting as "rendezvous diving". You may be able to use the yachts equipment and tender, however, most of the time a member of a licensed dive company must be present. Ask your charter professional for details. 


Q: What costs are included on the contract?

A: The main costs outlined in the contract which may or may not apply are the Base Rate, Advanced Provisioning Allowance, VAT or tax, Delivery/Re-delivery, and Security Deposit. Any additional terms are outlined in the special conditions. 


Q: What is APA?

A: Advanced Provisioning Allowance. This is an estimate to cover your expenses while on board including fuel, food, beverages, alcohol, dockage fees and more. A standard percentage ranges from 30-35% depending on the vessel. 


Q: Can we have more than 12 guests on board?

A: It depends on the classification of the yacht. Most charter yachts are classed to sleep and cruise with 12 passengers max but there are a select few able to take more. 


Q: What destinations have toy restrictions (such as wave runners)?

A: Most destinations allow toys on board but there are a few national parks and areas such as the British Virgin Islands which have restrictions. Some destinations also require licenses, it may be important to note if the yacht is RYA certified to help guests obtain the license while on board. 


Q: How do I pay?

A: Wire Transfer. We will provide specific bank details and help make it as seamless as possible. 


Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Most of the time...NO. However, some owners do make exceptions and may require additional security deposits or terms outlined in the special conditions. 


Q: What are stabilizers and zero speed stabilizers?

A: Long story short, they help the yacht be more stable both at anchor and while cruising. Many clients prefer the luxury of zero speed stabilizers especially if sea-sickness is a concern.